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Dallas MacaronsDallas Macarons
Best macarons in Dallas and beyond

Dallas Macarons


Dallas Macarons is a new online bakery that offers the best testing macarons in the Dallas area and beyond. Baked daily, our delicious treats are made with almond or hazelnut flour, giving our traditional French treat an all-natural twist. We offer a variety of flavors ranging from basic, all-time favorites such as vanilla and strawberry milkshake to more exotic creations like mango-passion fruit or Bailey's caramel.
“Because you cannot decide which one you want, gotta build your own box and try them all. Every. Single. One. Tastes. Like. Heaven!.”
Matt (biggest Dallas Macarons fan)
“The best gift idea. It is always a hit no matter what the occasion is. Delicious and stylish.”
Anna and Jan
Gluten free. Made with almond flour.Gluten free. Made with almond flour.

Gluten free. Made with almond flour.

Amazing FlavorsAmazing Flavors

Amazing Flavors

Special OccasionsSpecial Occasions

Special Occasions

Our Chef

Our Chef

Hi, I am Yana, I'm the master chef at Dallas Macarons and we're here to make your day a little more joyous with our sweet creations. I've been baking for as long as I can remember, and it's always been my passion to share happiness through sweets—and really, what could be more joyful than a fresh batch of macarons? But my passion isn't just about making you smile. It's also about quality and freshness: making sure every batch of our macarons is baked to perfection so that every bite is a perfect combination of flavors and textures.
Hand-made. Daily. Small batches.

Hand-made. Daily. Small batches.

Freshest Ingredients. Gluten-free.
Order delivery to your home or office, we are always glad to serve our customers the best macarons in Dallas.
Monday - Friday 11:00 AM — 6:00 PM